Achieving Positive Culture

Countless studies involving hundreds of thousands of people are conclusive. Positivity is the source of apex performance in creativity, EQ, IQ, motivation, the source of resilience and self esteem, and much more.

Positive cultures create extreme competitive advantage, unparalleled wellbeing, world-class staff engagement, and optimal discretionary effort.

We have a 24+ year history of embedding positive cultures that comprise…


Resonant Leadership

  • Leading though a combination of
    • Positive emotion
    • Holding people to account with warmth & strength
  • Wins engagement
    • Creates followership
    • Releases discretionary effort, productivity & profit
  • Attracts and holds talent

Values Centred Behaviours

  • The values that count come out in people’s behaviour
  • How they treat each other, their bosses, their reports, the company
  • Values statements are aspirations until that happens
  • We deliver culture change via aggregated behavioural change across a population

The Engagement That Counts

Emotional engagement is created when employees, C-suite to operator, feel a warm affection and pride for the organisation and its people. It happens when there is congruence between personal and corporate goals and values. The actual values that appear in behaviour.

It’s easy to grasp the concept. Making it a reality entails changing deeply embedded behaviours. Particularly under pressure.

We are experts in delivering lasting change using powerful modern psychology. Our surveys show this impact lasting for 17 years and counting.

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