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Positive Leaders Positive Change

Graham’s number 1 Best Seller in Management Science on Amazon.

“This book will become a handbook to any leader or individual having to navigate difficult times and who wants to have a positive commercial impact but also … to be nice!”



The title refers to a major aspirational goal: achieving 95% of our potential, 95% of the time.

95@95 is an introduction to the mechanisms influencing our outlook on life and how to channel ourselves towards a positive and fulfilling existence.

As the first recording in Graham’s series, it also introduces the initial steps through which, along with persistence, anyone can unlock their latent potential.

Run time: 1 hour 14 minutes

Self Talk

Self Talk is an incredibly powerful and effective way of bringing about desired changes in our attitude and behaviour. One that we can easily work into our daily life as a matter or routine.

This recording sets out the theory behind Self Talk and gives you the practical skills to weave it into your daily life. Additionally it will give you the skills to write your own Self Talk scripts for making revolutionary changes to the way you think, feel and behave.

Run time: 1 hour 12 minutes


The powerful new science of influencing. Grace is the ability to trigger and maintain positive emotional states in yourself and in others. It delivers super-high performance in all activities based on influencing others. For example: leadership, followership, selling, and of course, in your relationships with others.

In this recording, Graham sets out how we can build Grace into our default responses.

Run time: 40 minutes

Goal Getting

In Goal Getting Graham takes you through the crucial aspects of setting balanced goals. Including 30 minutes of material on identifying and realising your values. Plus a guide to using Graham’s Daily Steps, proven to help people achieve their goals.

Whether you’ve been on a programme and are looking to reinforce the techniques you’ve learnt, or whether you’re just interested in some great goal setting listening, this extended recording is for you.

Run time:  1 hour 48 minutes

Self Talk Scripts and Affirmations

Confident Networker and Salesperson Self Talk Script

To reinforce your confidence and self-esteem for improving sales, business development and networking.

Run time: 16 minutes

Happiness, Positivity and Self-Belief Self Talk Script

A daily dose of positivity to deliver positive emotions more often, more powerfully!

Run time: 12 minutes

Leading with Grace Self Talk Script

For embedding Grace in your leadership style and naturally winning followership from your team(s).

Run time:  9 minutes

Leading with Grace Affirmations

Positive affirmations to develop and grow your belief in your own leadership skills.

Run time: 16 minutes

Sales Excellence Affirmations

Self-belief affirmations to hone your sales skills and optimise your effectiveness in influencing others.

Run time: 15 minutes

Mindfulness, Well-being and Health Affirmations

To help achieve mindfulness and improve well-being; simply listen, or use as a meditation aid.

Run time: 18 minutes