Sales effectiveness
Leadership development
Culture & Engagement
Profit improvement


All our programmes transform:

Positivity, Resilience & Wellbeing

Actual results highlights

Average of all clients’ sales improvement delivered 57%



Engagement increased from 34% to 67% global consultancy op co


20+ year 100% success record


94% delegates report improved positivity, effectiveness, resilience, wellbeing and drive
– after up to 17 years


Our Courses & Accelerators

Open and in-company courses
Live online & in-person respectively
For sales professionals, managers and leaders
3 & 4-day classes, self-paced videos, 121 mentoring
Over 12-16 weeks
Money-back sales performance improvement guarantee


Corporate Accelerator


Leadership Development

Culture & Engagement

Profit Improvement

In-company bespoke programmes
For top 3 leadership levels and other colleagues as indicated
Live in-person classes, self-paced videos, 121 mentoring
Over 2-12 months
Money-back target outcome guarantee


How we work


Interviews with senior leadership to brief us and clarify your objectives. We triangulate opinions and identify underlying drivers by deploying online metrics and conducting interviews with other key influencers.

Senior Leadership

We start with the most senior leaders of the targeted teams, developing their mastery of (as appropriate): personal performance, cutting-edge leadership, sales effectiveness, emotional engagement, cultural change, and getting profit & people into harmony.

Extended Leadership

Concurrently or in sequence, we use the same interventions to cascade the learning to the next level(s).

Delegates’ Teams

Where delegates have them, their direct reports receive highlights seminars to familiarise, win buy-in, and secure support. Avoids classical autonomic resistance to profound change in colleague behaviour.


Delegates receive 6-12 months access to our on-demand online videos covering the core principles deployed in the main intervention.

Our founder’s best-selling book is now available

Our founder’s best-selling book is now available, filled with psychological insights into maximising profitability and wellbeing in your workplace. Learn how to deploy the five drivers of standout high-performance through our evidence-based strategies and techniques that will deliver lasting change, secure the stability and growth of your organisation, and boost your career, happiness, and power to help in the world.


Our Clients

We want our clients to engage us because of a compelling business case: investing in our services being justified by generous financial returns. So we put a lot of effort into keeping up with research that can be applied commercially and our methods are constantly evolving and improving.

Delegates are always telling us our interventions have been life-changing. They talk about confidence, resilience, happiness, effectiveness, leadership. We have many former junior execs now in the C-suite, some as CEO, who thank us for our massive contribution to their success.

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