Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes deliver lasting, transformational impact on leadership and management effectiveness.

Master the two essentials of modern world-class leadership – resonant leadership and self-management – to deliver massive benefits to financial performance, employee wellbeing and talent magnetism.

Resonant Leadership Skills

  • Winning engagement
    • Creates followership
    • Releases optimal discretionary effort, productivity & financial results
  • Embedding the culture that attracts and holds talent
  • Stakeholder influencing: reports, peers, bosses, investors, customers
  • Courageous accountability: promptly holding people to account without fear or favour
  • Leadership modes


  • Routinely manifesting full personal potential for effectiveness
  • Making personal change stick
  • Setting & achieving stretching goals
  • Mastering practical techniques for transforming:
    • Positivity & grounded optimism
    • Creativity & intellect
    • Resilience & motivation
    • Self-belief & confidence
    • Emotional intelligence

How our interventions are structured

Our blended learning programmes combine live classes, online on-demand videos and downloads, and individual coaching and mentoring where indicated.

Following a diagnostic we build bespoke content for each individual client around our core of evidence-based leadership-science. Programmes run for 5 to 10 days over 3 to 12 months depending on target outcomes, the seniority of delegates, client budget, and desired timescale.

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