Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes deliver lasting, transformational impact on leadership and management effectiveness.

Master the two essentials of modern world-class leadership – resonant leadership and self-management – to deliver massive benefits to financial performance, employee wellbeing and talent magnetism.

Resonant Leadership Skills

  • Winning engagement
    • Creates followership
    • Releases optimal discretionary effort, productivity & financial results
  • Embedding the Ethos that attracts and holds talent
  • Stakeholder influencing: reports, peers, bosses, investors, customers
  • Courageous accountability: promptly holding people to account without fear or favour
  • Leadership modes


  • Routinely manifesting full personal potential for effectiveness
  • Making personal change stick
  • Mastering practical techniques for transforming:
    • Positivity & grounded optimism
    • Creativity & intellect
    • Resilience & motivation
    • Self-belief & confidence
    • Emotional intelligence
  • Setting & achieving stretching goals

How our interventions are structured

Our blended learning programmes combine live classes, online on-demand videos and downloads, and individual coaching and mentoring where indicated.

Following a diagnostic we build bespoke content for each individual client around our core of evidence-based leadership-science. Programmes run for 5 to 10 days over 3 to 12 months depending on target outcomes, the seniority of delegates, client budget, and desired timescale.

Our Programmes

New Impetus Diamond

Our maximum effect 12 month programme partners senior and intermediate leaders.


New Impetus Platinum

Our more rapid six-month intervention for achieving strategic impact on leaders of all levels.


New Impetus Gold

Our compressed three-month course. Full content for fast-learning leaders.


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